At CSG Comenius, our pupils are taught English, but we also try to teach them kindness. Our pupils of the first year of our Cambridge Class (a special class that gets extra, more difficult English and that is preparing for their Cambridge Language Exams as well) get a basic writing assignment to get them started. We hope this assignment sends some positive vibes into the world as well.

Years ago, Hannah, a New York student, started writing notes to strangers. Leaving the notes in the underground, at cafes etc. This was our inspiration for this assignment. 

Click here for an article about her:

Click here to go to Hannah's website: 

The pupils are asked to write a card with kind and/or inspiring words and leave it somewhere for a stranger. Hopefully, it'll make the day of that stranger just a little bit happier!

We are really looking forward to reactions of those "strangers"! Some pupils might have put the letter in an evelope, which they have put in an envelope again. Then, they ask the first "finder" to put the card (without the second envelope) somewhere else. In that case especially, it is very nice where it was found. In all cases, it is very fun to hear who has found the letter and what he/she thought about it.

Have you found a letter with this web address on it? Please leave us a message saying whose card you have found, where it was found and what you think of it. If possible, do so in English (because that's what our pupils are learning). We don't mind bad grammar or spelling, we like to communicate.


Thanks for leaving us a message about the card you've found!